Corona Pruning Tools are the Professional's Edge. Quality You Can Depend On.

Corona pruner in use

Corona pruning tools are well-known for quality and huge selection. For more than 80 years, Corona has forged a reputation for quality that professional and amateur gardeners can depend on for heavy-duty, durable design. Our website features the complete line of Corona pruning tools, spare parts and accessories representative of Corona's constant search for innovative techniques for building superior tools. Time and again, Corona tools have proven their worth by standing up to demanding use that sends lesser quality tools to an early retirement.

Corona makes great tools with metal that won't bend or break. Corona has proven that forged steel makes tools that dare you to tackle the toughest jobs. Orchard keepers, tree farmers, vegetable farmers, and fruit harvesters all count on Corona tools to keep their enterprises operating at peak efficiency. You can count on Corona to combine the fierce power of fire and brute strength of iron to pound and compress hot flowing steel into the strongest, most durable cutting tools on the market. Corona's proven forging technique eliminates weak points in the cutting edge, so each Corona tool will provide years of service. Corona has earned the trust of professionals and respect of home owners by always exceeding industry standards.

Corona Pruners

There is a Corona pruner to meet virtually any need or cutting job. The blades and hooks on each of our bypass pruners are individually hand matched for precision, ensuring the closest, cleanest cuts with maximum cutting capacity and efficiency.

Corona Loppers

For trimming larger branches and limbs, Corona loppers give you a choice of conventional lightweight aluminum handles, top grade hickory wood handles, strong extruded fiberglass handles or tubular steel. For even greater cutting capacity, select our compound action anvil and bypass models to get three times the cutting power of conventional loppers. Because Corona knows that no one tools fits all jobs.

Corona Hedge Shears and Corona Grass Shears

From the shaping of large shrubs and hedges, to the trimming of grass, ground cover and small hedges, Corona meets the needs of professionals with a diverse line of innovative specialty shears built to exacting standards and with master craftsmanship. Corona hedge shears have long blades that make it easy to shape a hedge with a truncated wedge shape that is wider at the bottom than at the top. Corona grass shears help you trim those hard-to-reach areas of the lawn with less effort. Whether your work demands heavy-duty shearing, including reclamation of overgrown hedges, light duty tip shearing and shaping or for edging along walks beds and fences, Corona has the hedge shears or grass shears for the job.

Corona Pruning Saws

Corona pruning saws are designed to be a comfortable in your hand as they are effective in the field. Curved blade or straight, raker tooth or professional razor-tooth blades, impulse hardened or tempered steel alloy, Corona has a saw for every pruning possibility. Corona folding saws combine fast cutting with carrying ease.

Corona Pole Pruners

Reach new heights with Corona pole pruners for tune-up pruning and cleaning of your trees. Corona pole pruners feature heavy-duty hardened-steel blades. Corona poles are interchangeable: any Corona pole fits any Corona pole pruner.

Corona Harvest Tools, Corona Floral Scissors and Corona Snips

High-quality, classically designed Corona harvesting tools, floral scissors and snips that deliver superior performance with greater reliability. Often passed from generation to generation, used everywhere: shearing California grape vines, pruning the lemon, orange and avocado trees of the Southwest, harvesting apples in the Northwest and picking peaches in the Southeast.

Genuine Corona Parts and Accessories

Even the toughest tools need replacement parts from time to time. So we make it easy to find Corona spare parts at LC Stores Corona Store. Corona blades, springs, screws, washers, locking devices, center bolts: we have it all. We also have Corona accessories: handy holsters, scabbards, and sharpeners.